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Immunity Booster Live
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Immunity Booster Live
499 now,
then 494

Immunity Booster Live

Immunity Booster Live


Yoga and Lifestyle Hacks to Supercharge Immunity

This ‘LIVE’ program is designed to give you access to 12 LIVE group Yoga sessions for 1 month while at the same time providing you with all the benefits of our top selling pre-recorded version ‘Immunity Booster’ which you can access at any time, from anywhere and forever.

Program highlights & how it works?
  • 12 LIVE interactive group classes for 1 month where we will learn and practice Yoga in-depth & in detail.  
  • Live classes will help us in educating ourselves in the right manner helping us in getting our basics right.
  • Starting with the basics of Yoga we will gradually move to intermediate and advanced levels over each session.
  • We will also focus on building the right mental mindset required to achieve success in our physical journey.
  • Our LIVE sessions will play on safe modifications whenever required and will be highly interactive, answering questions & clearing doubts. 
  • LIVE sessions will help in creating a strong and steady flow that will awaken the mind & body, leaving us feeling balanced, energized, and ready to go on a wonderful journey of Yoga throughout our life.

You will also get access to all the features of our amazingly designed pre-recorded ‘Immunity Booster’ plan which you can access for a lifetime, & since LIVE sessions will leave you more confident, you can reap incredible benefits from this add on forever.

  • Build your body's natural vaccination against infection and disease. The biggest learning from the COVID-19 pandemic is the importance of a strong immune system.
  • Strengthen your respiratory organs.
  • Unlock the abundance of inner peace and physical energy.
  • Feel the calm and wholeness by getting your stress & anxiety levels in control.
  • Visible improvement in lifestyle disorders like Thyroid, Hypertension, Diabetes, Varicose veins, etc.
  • Build core strength and improve posture.
  • Improve sporting and training performance.
  • Improve the way your body looks and feels.
  • Weight loss knowledge, tips & techniques with the help of Yoga.

A complimentary discount code of Rs 299 will be sent to you after you sign up which you can use on the ‘Kapiva Ayurveda’ website to buy supplementation of your choice.
A lifetime of better immunity practices, for the price of 3.5 strips of Crocin Cold and Flu! This is a must for everyone
Body Alignment
Mental Health
Mind & Body Control
Stress Management

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499 now,
then 494
Workout Detail


Build Immunity, Muscle Toning and Weight loss
Main Goal
1 Months
Program Duration
3 Sessions
Workouts Per Week
60 Minutes
Session Duration