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Lower Back Pain Management


Lower Back Pain Management


Lower Back Pain Management

Lower Back Pain Management

Welcome to the special Lower Back Pain Management program

We at Crush felt that there is an essential need to deeply understand this common lifestyle disorder, educate people on how to manage it effectively & get rid of the majority of common issues related to the lower back by taking a scientific approach of Corrective Exercises.

In our survey at Crush Fitness, we found that ‘Lower Back Pain’ is one of the most common self-reported problems reported by the participants in their self-assessment forms. The report published back in 2018 by The Lancet (a weekly peer-reviewed general medical journal) showed that worldwide 540 million people suffer from different kinds of lower back pain.

Crusher Vibhor, a certified corrective exercises specialist & Crusher Abhay, a certified senior fitness coach teamed up together to design this scientifically aligned program to help everyone including busy men, women, & people of all ages treat & manage lower back-related disorders.

Benefits of this program:

  • learn in-depth what lower back pain is and what type of lower back pain you are suffering from by understanding your symptoms.

  • improve & increase movement patterns, activate lower back muscles, improve flexibility & mobility.

  • manage common low back strains & sprains

  • manage common discomforts caused by having lower back pain like neck sprains, leg & knee pain, inability to perform daily tasks, etc.

  • Reduce muscle tension, soreness, stiffness and improve posture,

  • manage anxiety & depression that is one of the most common psychological factors of having lower back pain

  • reduce the risk of injury & prepare your body to perform high-intensity exercises.  And a lot more…..

  • this program has multiple benefits & is the perfect choice if you want to treat your lower back issues & feel your body’s abilities and overall functions improve, rather than decline, as you age.

  • You can include this program in your existing fitness routine or simply make the guidance given in this program your scientific focus on keeping your lower back safe & pain-free.

Program highlights:

  • On signing up for this program you will understand the causes, symptoms & risks of lower back pain.

  • You’ll get a detailed day-wise step-by-step plan with properly explained exercise videos.

  • Exercises are scheduled scientifically one after another & require no equipment, this helps people of all groups & ages reap benefits.

Sign up now for visible improvement in your Lower Back Pain.

If you are not sure about your lower back issues & want an expert to guide you, we would suggest taking a one-time lower back assessment. It is a one-time  consultation service available on our portal that focuses on detailed counseling about the individual’s back pain-related issues
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